Gladiotron Development blog entry #3


In the last little while in an effort to bolster my coding skills I've begun working through some Udemy tutorials that cover working with C++ in Unreal Engine 4 which is what I'm using to develop the game. So far it's been good as I've gone through some of Ben Tristem's course and made a console game called Bulls and Cows. It was a nice exercise, but I know the real learning comes from trying things, and figuring them out on your own. The next section on the course actually aligns really nicely with a part of the game. So I look forward to digging into that and sharing my progress here. Within the next few weeks I have a lot that I need to accomplish.

  • A playable multiplayer version of Gladiotron with local and networked multiplayer
  • A second character playable. - Sandra Sprout
  • A prototype of the webcomic and finished script
  • Completed website(this one) with store setup(in progress)

Should be good!

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