Gladiotron Development blog entry #2


Currently still working through getting the website working and presentatble. I'm using uikit for theming the site, which is another learning process itself. I've looked at Bootstrap and Foundation in the past. Uikit is new to me, but after a bit of research it make sense. That is one big thing that I've struggled with. The desire for immediate results. What I've found as an artist learning to program is that patience is key and immediate gratification does't really exist. Also, you sometimes have to do quite a bit of reasearch to figure out what it is that you're doing and you have to feel comfortable not knowing what you're doing half the time. There is an endless world fo dependencies that you've never heard of and a lot of tutorials assume a good amount of prior understanding. In the name of moving forward I've gotten rid of my pride and started asking questions on the blog. Sometimes I am able to figure out the answer before anyone responds, but it's kind of nice to know that you can get some assistance from the fine folks on the web.

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