Gladiotron Development blog entry #1


So after spending a few days working at it, I'm finally starting to get a feel for some of the tools that I'll be working with to create this site. I've messed around with a few different CMS's in the past like Drupal, Wordpress and Processwire. I was always deadset on using Drupal because it is more of a framework creator than a simple CMS, but I always struggled with how to customize the presenation the way I wanted. Plus it had a very steep learning curve. In an exhaustive search for an alternative, I came across Processwire, which similar to Drupal is more of a framework than a simple CMS, however, it had a much more elegant solution which allowed me to lean on my understanding of html and css more easily. That is where I am at currently here with blog post number one. Working with Processwire, getting the Gladiotron set up and ready to go.

Do you have a CMS that you recommend for creating a 3D interactive webcomic? Let me know!

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